Why You Need WoodScapers

There’s a gap in professional services for owners of the wooded homesites and small-acreage woodlands which are so prevalent in Chatham and surrounding counties.

We don’t need the services of landscapers focused on lawn care.  We don’t need the services of foresters focused on commercial-scale timber cuts.  And we usually don’t need the expensive services of arborists.

WoodScapers fills that gap, working to fulfill the particular needs of owners of wooded homesites and small woodlands.  Affordably.


About WoodScapers

  • Ten years as owner and WoodScaper of a 5-acre wooded homesite in Chatham Co.
  • Eleven years on the staff of Triangle Land Conservancy
  • Trained under forester Jerry Gaertner
  • A client-focused, “cut-right” conservationist
  • My goals are to help woodland owners in the North Carolina Piedmont to understand the value of their forest, to help them meet their forest management goals, and to improve the health of the forest while minimizing impacts on other trees, wildlife habitat, and the land.