Precision Felling
Which way will a tree fall?  The way we want it to.  For safety, we rope up any tree that could create problems during cutting, using come-alongs to influence the direction of the fall.  This safety measure, combined with proper cutting technique, ensures that the tree falls where we want it to.

We have used these techniques to fell hundreds of trees that would land on a house if they fell the wrong way.  We also use these techniques to land trees on the ground in narrow alleys in the middle of the woods.

There may be some trees close to homes that will be beyond our abilities — trees that would require cranes or workers in cherry-pickers to take down safely.  If you have such a tree, we will suggest you hire a tree service with heavy equipment to deal with it.  But there are many jobs we can do that will save you hundreds of dollars over a traditional tree service and will leave a much lighter footprint on your land.

Selective Thinning
My experience on my property and many others in Chatham is that we often have too many trees, and often the wrong ones.  When the canopy is crowded, trees struggle to grow.  This is largely because most of our woodlands have regenerated in the last 50-80 years, and have never been managed.  In selective thinning we open up the canopy for the strongest trees by taking out the weakest.  When we are finished, you don’t notice that a few trees are gone; the woods will look a bit more open than before, but natural.

woodscapers-firewood2Firewood Harvesting & Cutting
Ideally, your firewood harvesting will go hand-in-hand with a selective thinning program.  Our goal is to make as much use of the trees that we cut as possible.  WoodScapers will cut firewood to your desired length, haul it out of the woods for you, and stack it.


Branches hanging over your house or creating other hazards… dead or diseased limbs… crowded or rubbing limbs… Whatever the reason, if we can get into the tree—and chances are we can—we will prune it for you.  Safely and cost-effectively.