Woodland Inventories and Plans

woodscapers-planning1Woodland Inventories
The first step in deciding how to manage your woodland is understanding it.  The inventory is a description of your property which identifies ecological communities, physical features, special vegetation or wildlife, cultural features and the context of your small woodland within the larger woodland community.  Using a combination of field study, aerial photos, and topographic maps, WoodScapers will provide you with a final map and summary description of your property.  We will also alert you if a more detailed inventory is warranted because of the appearance of unique natural features.

Woodland Plans
While preparing the woodland inventory, WoodScapers will provide you with information about management options.  Even though the options for small woodland owners are fewer than for owners of large tracts, we feel familiarity with a full range of possibilities is useful.  You will use that knowledge to establish your personal goals and objectives for your land, and we will work with you to craft a woodland plan tailored to your land and your desires.